“A Whole is Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts” Aristotle

There are plenty of great beer labels, however, nothing quite like this Raspberry Gose dubbed Braille Ale that comes out of West Side Brewing in Cincinnati.

Braille Ale includes raised braille lettering on the label so those with visual impairments know what they’re getting. In order to make this possible, West Side Brewing teamed up with the Cincinnati Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired.

Bringing the idea from concept to reality wasn't easier said than done and required a total of ten months along with special equipment from Germany that was used to print.

The beer itself starts as West Side’s tasty goose and then they “add a ton of raspberries to it.” Braille Ale will be available in 6 packs or growlers from the West Side Brewing taproom in Cincinnati.

A collaboration, a cross-promotional opportunity, new markets, customer experience, a story worth sharing making an authentic difference creating awareness for a good cause.

How could your For-Profit-Organization collaborate with a Non-Profit-Organization or cause you believe in? A shout out to Cool Material for a heads up, Cheers!