About ENACITY Consulting Group

Consulting Services

We provide a number of consulting services helping our Client create and implement a Customer Experience Program or, in some situations, improve upon their existing Customer Experience Programs that may need a spark to get things back on track.

Customer Experience Design

We co-design a highly effective Customer Experience Program for your organization.

Customer Experience Spark

Perhaps you have an existing Customer Experience and it needs a bit of help to gain traction or needs a review. CX Spark is a quick and effective manner in which to leverage your existing data, moments of truth, pain points, metrics, survey indexes (CSAT/NPS) and feedback generating actionable insights. These actionable insights will make an immediate impact on your business within 60 to 90 days.

Customer Experience Workshops

We facilitate workshops bringing a unique perspective and proprietary 3DCX Process on the implementation of an outstanding Customer Experience Program.

Brand Promise

We’ll provide an assessment of your current marketing and the messages and if your brand standards are being conveyed to multiple-channels and customer touch points and interaction with your organization.

CX Gap Analysis

We help close the gap between the perception of your product or service offerings vs. your customers’ reality of their experience of deliverables.

Customer Experience Mapping

We map out your customer’s journey across various touchpoints discovering critical data and Observational insights

Customer Experience Tools & Solutions

We provide a number of tools and solutions helping our Clients execute and implement their Customer Experience Strategy.

Customer Experience Reflect

A Self Assessment Tool evaluating your Customer Experience best practices.

Customer Experience Feedback, Surveys & Integrations

We help create and execute surveys and feedback at various touch points of your customers’ journey.  

Digital Dashboards

We provide visualization tools that measure the Customer Experience & KPI metrics that matter to you.